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The service cycle we are able to provide includes the realization and delivery of a complete product.
In addition to producing electronic parts and wiring, we buy mechanical parts to specification assembling and testing complex products offering a concrete added value in terms of cost and quality.

In SACE 100% of the production is subject to one or more tests to ensure the quality of the finished product.
We can propose the best test strategy, according to customer needs, with the goal
to drastically reduce field defect until it comes to cancel it.

We carry out functional tests with laboratory equipment and dedicated equipment that can
also be designed and manufactured following special instructions from the customer.

Our production and logistic equipment are equipped with a capillary traceability system that assures them
produced a complete process warranty.
The traceability of components allows you to identify each lot in order to quickly analyze any non-conformities found.

Production data collection is handled with its own software that enables real-time measurement of the performance of individual processes / production plants, with evidence of the efficiency and performance parameter measurement.
The systematic collection of production data enables effective product tracking, defect detection with process alarm generation
and (where required) complete product traceability from its components and throughout its production process.

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